Live Like A Butterfly, Watercolor On Paper

livelikeabutterfly wscI painted this painting last year when I’m in the crossroad of what I supposed to do.  I had my my longest ever artist block and thought I couldn’t go back to painting again.  I lost interest of what I can do and so I began experimenting after experiment.  At the same time, I took advantage the free time to develop my photography skills and in my mind I am painting.  Really weird stuff but everything seem to work together for good.

Early this year, I almost give up and plan to destroy all my works so I can’t remember that once upon a time I paint.  It was just too painful experience because I just can’t force myself to finish a single piece.  I have some invitations but I have nothing to show.

One afternoon, I tried an idea to do something fun and colorful but I failed again.  Disappointed, I went to bed and wept quietly.  I prayed to God to just take this talent from me because it became a burden and I wish when I open my eyes everything will be just gone.  Suddenly, new ideas came into my mind, something strange and beautiful and so I got up from my bed and execute it immediately.

The outcome?  I’ll show you guys tomorrow.  I need to walk my little darling chihuahua now and need to cook dinnah for my wonderful family.  Have a great day or evening to all of you!  Love and blessings!

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