Peace, Joy & Love

These were the three paintings that I came out with after a very long time of artist block.  I am very pleased with the result as it truly defines and liberates me what I wanted to express.  Perfect timing when I got a call from a newly acquainted friend from a previous charity exhibition has invited me to be part of the Filipino exhibition in Marco Polo in June this year.  I was the best selling of the night and sold the two paintings and I was stunned.  I’ve met also that night our Philippine National artist, Benedicto Cabrera and very happy to know how much he likes my works.  so, this year is a perfect come back for me and hope this will continue!

These works have come at the crossroad of my professional life, as I choose and create something that I am totally happy with and have freedom to do whatever I want.

In the piece Endearment, I have painted the feelings of being loved in a more fun and joyful way. Love is one of the greatest gift anyone can enjoy in this short lived life.

In Euphoria, I want to express the value of happiness that is slowly diminishing in everyone’s heart.  The round shapes describes the endless cycle of life. Sunflower follows the rays of the sun and is a symbol of unwavering faith, happiness and focus.

In Peace of Mind, I painted the bold square colors of the background that resembles the chaotic city life in a beautiful and fun way.  Wherever you are, peace is attainable if you choose to live with love and happiness with God and His creations.

The butterflies symbolize powerful transformation and metamorphosis.  They are a symbol of new life, power to choose and freeing oneself to express true beauty which is deep within.  Like the butterfly life is short but it’s more than enough to be happy.

I’ll show you next about my photography.  I think they’re equally amazing!


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