Eye Of Nature

I took this a year ago and the time when I just couldn’t paint.  I didn’t want sulk myself at home and feel useless so I decided to entertain myself to shoot photography.  I like to shoot nature a lot especially subjects that most people often ignore.  Usually photographers would just passed by behind me and look at me like I’m kind of an “amateur photographer” or a “hobbyist” who finds anything peculiar.  Well, I didn’t care!  I feel like a scavenger when I find my objects and I’m so happy when I do find something unique.

This day was not my lucky day.  Well, I thought so.  I left home without checking the weather as I looked at the sky and it seemed to be just okay.  I went to wetland park here in HK to find some critters when heavy rains just pouring in before I could evens start taking pictures.  It was heavy rain, with lighting and thunders which scares the hell out of me.  Luckily, I got my umbrella and I inserted in my shirt behind my neck so I can hold my camera.  Silly me, and lazy me but I’m kind of that kind of weird.  No wonder, I got the hard time to of convincing everyone I’m an artist!  And people will insist, nah you’re not.

Anyway, that trip was kind of useless so I went back home disappointed, tired and soaked in the rain.  I’m not really a healthy person and my stamina is way too limited but how my mind work makes things possible.  I arrive at the gate in my building and passed by the hibiscus garden and determined to have one last shot of the day that makes the day worthy.  I saw a tiny moving creature moving inside the flower and saw this tiny fella.  I took a lot of shots and came back home…cook dinner and walk my darling chihuahua.

By the way, I should introduce you next time to my little buddy.  Everybody love him and I’m sure you do.  Till next time!

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