The Sound Of Silence

It’s 5pm here in HK and I just came back shooting anything I could see.  I’m a full time mother and wife and full time painter/photographer so it’s like a marathon each day.  Everything is timed shortly and sometimes it’s totally depressing especially when two important things collides each other.  I made a vow to myself and to my family that they come first but honestly it’s not an easy task.  Sometimes, I get disoriented when I misplace things because my mind is somewhere else.  I sometimes put the fabric conditioner on the fridge or my phone on a drawer, and I felt the world is against me when I can’t figure things out.  Worst of all is when I’m not feeling well.  I was diagnosed with brain lesion and when my head hurts, it really hurts.  I can hear every beat of my heart and the pain is always pounding inside my head.  I need to go to the emergency and that’s when it feels better.

Anyway, before I got carried away with my extreme emotional psychic…let’s talk about my little buddy Chunky – the chihuahua.  We adopted him around five years ago and he was a really very aggressive mean dog.  He pooped and peed everywhere in the house and I was miserable.  He was three years old when we adopted him and was told that we couldn’t train him and had no choice but to accept whatever he did.  I never gave up and trained him even though he’s old and it paid off.  He never bites us anymore, not aggressive, and definitely doesn’t poop and pee in the house. He become the most charming and friendly chihuahua and he loves attention from strangers!  It’s a long story, what did I do…it’s about love, patience and the reward is huge.

This picture was taken two years ago when he was sunbathing in the garden during winter.  We live in a high rise building and so he usually doesn’t get a lot of sun.  While he’s enjoying the sun, I take pictures making use of every minute I have.  I was fascinated with his face, eyes closed, really enjoying life. I took a shot and suddenly two butterflies flew by and he didn’t even know it!  Happy accidents!

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