Predator’s Stare Drawing, Graphite On Paper

predator's stare

Since I’m a late bloomer blogger there are really a lot of works and stories to tell.  I started really tough for me from figuring what I supposed to with the talent I have.  My husband got a cartoonist friend and he saw my drawings.  He was very impressed and told me I didn’t need to go to school. I drew a lot and each day I learn something new. I sketched people, buildings, fruits, and clothing, in plein air.

I showed it to some friends around and they were impressed but I’m not convinced.  I enrolled myself for a 24 hour drawing class in Hong Kong University.  My goal was to show my works and my skills and hopefully get good feedbacks from a teacher. My teacher and my classmates were so impressed and my works were always the example of the class and were pinned on the wall.  He encouraged me to continue my studies but I didn’t.  It gave me a lot of confidence and I continued to self learn from mixing and blending colors in oil, watercolor, colored pencils, and pastels.

In 2008, I made my first solo exhibition but realized something I missed learning, the marketing skills.  They say I’m way too humble and don’t talk like an artist.  My husband was always mistaken as the artist but not me.  I speak briefly and uncomfortably about my work.  I think presentation is way more difficult for me to learn.  My first exhibition was a big thing in my career but I didn’t handle it really well.  I got big write ups in big and small local papers, radio interview, and calls from other news papers.  I was supposed to be happy but instead I hid away from the media.  Maybe I was not prepared and it something I have to learn. It was something that made me so depressed that I hated myself so much of what I did.

Instead of bouncing back, I swam in self pity and I just couldn’t paint.  I recovered though from the drama and misery I went.  The important thing is I learned my lessons and I didn’t allow my failures to define me.  During those times, I learned a lot and become a better person and artist.

This “Predator’s Stare” is one of my early works and my first artwork that has been sold in my first solo exhibition.  It took so long for me to finish this piece and I feel rewarded and satisfied of what I saw.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you some magic I found from ordinary things in my photography

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