Shadow Of The Sun, Aerial Photography


I was down and out for the last two days.  My darling Chunky isn’t feeling well for the last one week and I’m not feeling good as well.  Missing my family in the Philippines, nostalgic as the year is ending…so on and so forth.  I got so much plans, dreams, and responsibilities and at the end of the year…I feel like I’m not handling it really well.  My husband says, I’m stretching beyond my limits and working extra hard and I should take a break. My mind is telling me to keep on working but my body feels the whole weight of how much I’m chasing every single day!  I wanna quit really but each day I found myself still doing it again and again, endlessly!

Knowing my time is precious can be an advantage in my work.  I learned how to use my time properly and never waste it. Time is gold and an opportunity!  I took this shot while everyone is asleep on the plane and I took advantage to find something remarkable in the sky and I saw this amazing cloud formation at sunset.  I’m very pleased with the images I took.

Maybe, I’ll show some portraits I’ve done next time!  Till then…

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