Prayer, Watercolor Painting


Happy new year everyone! Let us pray that it will be a year with new peace,  abundance of love, friends and happiness! . May this painting be a great inspiration to start a year to you! May God bless you all through out the new year!

I painted this image because of the many negativity around us.  In 2014 there were so many bad happenings in our world, calamities after calamities, disaster after disaster, missing planes, accidents, robberies, love ones killing each other, hunger, sickness, war, suicides and many more.  Through it all, I was affected pretty badly!  I wish I don’t care much enough so I can go on with my life without feeling hurt and being shaken. It seems impossible to go on and paint and capture beautiful things around us anymore.  It seem everything around me were filled with sadness and negativity.  But then I thought I shouldn’t let the darkness win over me.

I decided to change how I see things and fill my senses with goodness.  I want to paint my vision that God still exist and plays the biggest role in our daily lives.  It’s redirecting my focus and a choice I’ve made without ignoring the real facts that are happening around us. I want to paint something that brings inspiration to viewers than can lift their spirits.  Sadness is happening almost every second and it’s diverting our minds to live a miserable life.  To see negative things around us is easy but to find something positive in life can be difficult.  I’m driven to capture and paint something that can elevate our will power to be happy despite everything. I want to write and say boldly about happiness to win over sadness!  I don’t have to be somebody to do this but what matter is I develop to light the flickering light from darkness till everyone can see the light.

Let us all shine brightly in 2015 and in many more year to come. Again, Happy new year!


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  1. Happy New Year to you!


  2. I agree with you, Janet…go for goodness! We only block ourselves when we focus – or dwell – on negativity. It puts up resistance that keeps goodness from our lives. When we almost implode with the discovery of some glorious beauty, I’m told we are seeing our world through the eyes of God. Keep using God’s eyes! 😀

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