Small World In A Big World

Field Macro Photography.  A tiny water droplet and beside it a tiny insect.

Small World

A tiny water droplet and a tiny insects caught in my eyes while doing macro field photography in the grass.  It camouflage with the background and it’s hard to see they exist, so I toned the grass leaf color so the insect would pop out. That’s one thing I love macro photography because it never ceases to surprise me. To see their tiny little eyes staring at me made me wonder what were they thinking.  To see the details and textures of those little creatures made me wonder and praise the creator!  How amazing is His creations!  It’s beautiful and perfect!

IMG_9870 ws

Love For The Stranger

I did bird watching and I did ant watching since I was a kid.  I’m fascinated with ants since then.  This fella’s legs got caught on the cracks when someone accidentallyo stepped on it.  May ants tried to pull him off but failed to do so but one ant never gave up till he pulled him off and carried him away.

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