Transformation In Art


 Horse Portrait, Prisma Colored Pencil on Paper 

This horse drawing is one of old work in prisma colored pencils on paper.   I was then fascinated with realism and I spent countless hours, days and weeks in every art piece.  Though I changed my style now but the realism still very present in my creativity.  It’s a challenge for me how combine my new ideas to all in one piece but I quite like it and was very pleased with the result.

Stargazer, watercolor on paper

Stargazer Lily, watercolor on paper

Then I fell in love with the flowers and almost painting  only about flowers and even planned to be a botanical artist.  Botanical art demands perfections of details and colors and it takes time to finish a single piece.  It look very simple and ordinary because of the plain background but it’s very focused on the main subject and every part of the flower.

IMG_0726 ws

Malaysia Eagle, watercolor on paper

Then of course, I fell in love with birds and began painting more about birds. And this point photography was born in my creativity.  I was obsessed with birds and I watched them from dawn to dusk and was fascinated of the life they have.  My love of nature grow inside me and though of becoming an environmental artist.  I took a lot of pictures at this time than painting and had almost forgotten to paint.  I decided to quit as a portrait artist and decided to be a nature artist.  I am still very inspired by nature until now and it’s something that I treasured in my heart and mind.

Then there’s a long break.  I feel somehow lost in translation of what I’m doing.  Probably because I’ve been doing so many things and I’m overwhelmed.  Looking at my works, I feel like I’m inconsistent.  I followed what interest me and just happy to have that freedom.  I’m kind of worried because it seems I can’t focused on one subject and worst I fell in love with photography.  I have no much time and when time is available, I am also sick.  Even at this moment writing this blog, I just burnt my lentils in the pan.  I even have problem on my biography on how to shortened it and not like telling a book.  I changed it many times because I wanted to be concise and straight forward but somehow the long biography reflects of the busyness of my life.

IMG_4908 final finalws

A Glimpse Of Eternity, watercolor on paper

This is a pouring method of painting.  I tediously draw the details and not knowing it’ll be washed out after pouring a lot of liquid.  I thought of giving up at first because it way too difficult to see the details but I was determined to finished it no matter what so I tried my best finding the remaining sketches.  So glad I’ve finished it.

IMG_4913 final ws

Precious Life, watercolor on paper

Then I decided to why not free myself from worries and paint whatever I want?  I want to put everything I learned and experimented on a paper.  It excites me!  I was sketching ideas almost every day and I want my work to be original and personal that truly defines who really I am as a person and artist!  This idea popped out in my mind when I was so depressed, an idea that is so uniquely mine and I’m happy to finally find my own expression and style.

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  1. WOW – I have no words how to compliment you – this is brilliant and elegant art!

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  2. beautiful! thank you for visiting my blog and deciding to follow it. 🙂

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