First Attempts in Street Photography

Go After, Hong Kong street photography

I use to sit in the corner and watch people and studying lights and shadows.  I sketch and make a record on how the colors of the shadows depending on the light source.  I sometimes missed my train stops because of wondering what people were thinking and their lives on the opposites of my seats.  Funny, but I do think and wonder about people a lot. I don’t stare at them offensively but only a quick glance. Oftentimes, ideas just arise when I’m outside like the colors, patterns and concept.

Whisper Of Fear, Hong Kong street photography

What is fascinating about street photography for me is it collaborates my own personal thoughts and feelings.  It tells so much about my personal fear, perception of life and love of the humanity.

I'm Watching You, Hong Kong street photography

These were my few quick attempt in street photography and I quite like it and feel like to venture in this new discovered genre.

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