Stranger In Hong Kong

I live one of those building and I never photograph buildings or streets for the last many years I live in Hong Kong.  Everyday life here in Hong Kong is living with concretes everywhere, streets and alleys.  I think this is the very reason why photographing nature fascinates me at first  because it is the wanting of my soul to escape and find peace in the wilderness.  I don’t like living in the high rise building and feel like a prisoner.  I grow up in an open neighborhood and though lately even my hometown fences are very common because of burglars but nothing more suffocating to live somewhere up there.  But then, I am not alone and I’m still luckier that I have a bigger place and have an extra room for a mini studio where I can paint and do other stuffs.  Some poor people here in Hong Kong live in a tiny apartment with so many occupants and worst some live in a caged homes.  Try google ” caged homes in Hong Kong” and will see what I meant.  Lately, it intrigues me the life in the city and I know I’m not going to stay here for good and part of me I regret why I never take pictures of the daily life of Hong Kong.


Shooting the streets opens up something personal changes inside me.  Living in Hong Kong is difficult because communication is the big problem and people are mostly not friendly.  Learning their language is very difficult and they said Cantonese is the most difficult language to learn and the worst is how to read their writings.  I kind of accept that reality so when I go out I don’t expect smiles, greetings or communication from anyone and it develops kind of sadness inside me.  I felt lonely and somehow you feel truly lost in translation.  For the last fifteen years I live here I don’t feel the sense of acceptance and always feel like a tourist wherever I go. When I go shopping I tried to find things on my own because asking sometimes doesn’t help at all.  The good thing in street photography is that I feel connected with the community by watching them and taking pictures of them.  Somehow I know, I will be always be just a watcher and will never be a participant and forever be stranger in this place.

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