The Sad Clown


I noticed two clowns outside  who were checking for someone inside the restaurant where I was about to have my late lunch.  The colors attracted me but I’m curious to know what they’re up to as they looked worried and one particular clown was sad. I didn’t eat my lunch and followed them as they left immediately after maybe failed to see whom they’re looking for.


I realized they were clowns from Mc Donalds and some clowns were happy and this clown really look sad.  What’s the reason behind his sadness? That will remain a mystery whenever I see these pictures I took that one afternoon in Christmas.


Sadness is a feeling that is so hard to hide and no matter how we pretend we are happy, paint our faces, our eyes would tell otherwise the truth.  Our eyes can express with different kinds of emotions like smiling without even lifting a muscle in our lips.  Our lips can pretend to smile or laugh but without the expressions in our eyes it is not genuine happiness.

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