The whole universe has it’s own time and season and yet we create a clock to make our own time and get overwhelmed by it.  The clock is ticking and it constantly reminds us how time is fleeting and how life is so short.  I’m chasing my day most of the time and lately found myself totally exhausted and yet not everything fall into place the way I wanted it to be.  Therefore, I decided to be the master of time and not becoming a slave to it.  I go back to nature where time is never questioned or prepared.  It goes in it’s own way without invitation.


There are so many things I wanted to do and I find the day so short. I thought of giving up some of it but realized that I can’t take one of them.  I say to myself, “Life is so short to do less” but this time I’ll handle everything with calm spirit and trusting God Almighty for everything.  I’ll let my own nature and intuitions drives wherever it may leads me.

Fiery Sunset, watercolor on paper

I sometime asked myself, am I lost in translation?  That’s when I’m worried what people may think of what I do.  But, when I looked my heart and soul I found myself just the way I am.  That inner self is a young girl who always wanted to answer her curiosity and imaginations.  Yes, I am a young child trapped in a 38 year old body.  I can’t let go of that young girl because it makes me happy,sad, curious, confuse and it pumps adrenalin even my old self is really tired.

I may sound strange and peculiar and I’m afraid many times to be misunderstood.  I always think differently and felt things differently and part of my journey in seeking freedom of expression, I have to accept and proud of what I am.  I’m feeling better and seems my health is also getting better.

In doing so, I was able to see the journey that I’ve been through and was able to see all the wonderful things that God has been to me.  I hope that finally, I’m in the road of happiness and success!

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