Surrealism In Street Photography


I never been so happy and excited in my life till I found my own niche and freedom to do whatever I want.  This year very important to me as I found my own expression in my painting creativity and at the same time I found the freedom in my photography.  I always been worried and constantly conscious that people may find me lost in translation.  Maybe, I am but I love the thought of it and released myself from worries.  Life is too short to worry too much!  Life is too short not to try, find and test your imagination into reality.  I never used to sketch but now I do.  I recorded and sketched any idea that has been madly popping in my head every minute.


So this is it, I guess after a very long time of artist block and I’m glad I kicked myself to never give up.  I just finished my seventh new large creative paintings and I’m taking my time and surprisingly I’m kind and patient to myself.  I decided not to show it until they’re exhibited.  Whenever I have time I go out and shoot in the street.  My back is hurting so bad these days and I got extreme headaches every time and then.  I just rest from the time being from chasing birds and sniffing bugs and insects.  I’m so glad and happy the my photography and painting have finally matured in their marriage, lol!


I’ll be off for a week to visit my home country and I’m excited to shoot, to cook our food and to catch up with my family. All the images on the top were taken on the subway in Hong Kong.

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