My Year 2015, Counting Gains Than Pains

This year turned out to be my most challenging year with so many things happening. So let me summarize them. But instead of counting pains I am going to count gains, no matter how tiny they were.

To start with two of my photographs were nominated in the 2016 World Street Photography.

_MG_8590wsLong Day, 2015 Hong Kong
IMG_6850wsLife’s Ups & Downs, 2015 Hong Kong

Long Day was taken in a split of a second while riding a bus.  I was drawn so quickly by the subject’s gesture, the heavy baggage, the lighting and the symbolism of the steps going up.  It’s something that most of us can relate to.  Life  can be sometimes cruel and sometimes beautiful beyond compare.

In Life’s Ups & Downs, I was about to leave the place after I got interesting shots of people going up and dow these two escalators.  I was attracted to the geometrical shapes and people.  Then I saw this man taking the escalator up, he looked really tired, exhausted and his face and pose reflected the hardship of life.  So from the attraction of geometry it became the background story for this mans life and character.  A truly moving visual picture.

This year I tried to submit some photographs to the website of  Vogue Italia. The pictures were mostly about nature and here are some of the them accepted by the famous fashion magazine for their website.

As I continue my journey in the world of photography I have created my own style and niche.  The photographs I have taken tells a personal story of my own self and capture unique and general surroundings that I dwell in.  Hong Kong is a beautiful place that makes  photography very easy and to make your shot stand out from the rest is very challenging. Rather than competing with other photographers I have worked to create my own style. I searched what I really wanted, listened to my own instinct and experimented how to make those ideas come true.  I know I will evolve  in the future as long as I open my heart, mind and soul into taking clicking photographs.

I also finished three paintings this year and am hoping to finish the fourth one.  These paintings are very challenging, and have tested my patience and endurance.  Finally, looking back I thought this year wasn’t good enough for me but when I finished writing this blog I was able to appreciate that I’ve been successful this year.  So here are the three paintings that I have painted and the pictures taken during the painting process.

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