Keeping Up To Success

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

~Winston Churchill

My solo photography exhibition in May this year was a big success and it was a very rewarding feeling that people and media alike like it and most importantly I sold a lot of works.  Through that exhibition, I was invited to exhibit in Singapore early next year.  I was very nervous and was being very nit picky in preparation of that exhibition and it feel like very long agonizing months of preparation and it was such a big relief after that.  I was exhausted so I reward myself a month of rest without thinking about art.

It was a risk I took to combine urban and nature in my exhibition that made me so nervous but I was more determined to express myself authentically.  The works represented the diverse beauty of Hong Kong where the jungle of nature and urban life do coexist.  My works represented my own personality and that is very important to me; to be accepted as my own kind of artist.  Here are the headlines and captions from the media;

From urban grime to nature sublime, artist makes everyday Hong Kong extraordinary
City images reflect photographer’s free spirit…
~ The Standard
Pancho Gupta has branched into nature photography and, lately, into street photography. In both recent activities, her works exhibit the same depth, the same soul of the artist that she reveals in her paintings. Because she says her artworks are her own self.
~ The Sun Hong Kong


In March, I had a meeting with the Pintura Circle here in Hong Kong and that they would like to present me in The Philippine Consulate however, since the election was coming we could not set the date.  I was very excited but remained quite about  it till the date is announced.  This week, it’s finally set to November 17-24 2016 and I am officially excited!  I’m going to show off my latest works in watercolor that I’ve been working so very hard for years.


I have worked so hard for my dream to be a successful artist and at the same time keeping up with my responsibilities as a mother and wife.  I admit there were times I doubt it’ll happen to me, not because I don’t believe I’m good but simply because I don’t have enough time.  Sometimes there are opportunities like demonstrations and invitations that I have refused because my weekends were spent for family.  From Monday to Friday we rarely talk because my husband is working and my daughter is busy with her studies and so am I.

I don’t like to imagine success with a failing family.  I work so hard to perfect and I’m determined that no matter how slow, I must focus my work ethics into perfection.  I used to be exhausted and overwhelmed on how short my time is and feel like chasing the day but I learned to be kind enough to myself and accept my limitations.  I find more time and space by doing so and find the balance in my daily life as I continue keeping up to even have more success!

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