April Fools Spring


Red-Whiskered Bulbul

The day today in Hong Kong is wonderful after what seemed like a four season weather yesterday.  I was out for a walk and as I looked up this tree with birds chirping, I knew I had to quit my morning walk and go shoot instead.

I’m back again with my old friend “painters block” and I have already finished all my ideas and rough sketches but the “spirit of creativity” isn’t there.  I’m sulking again and feel really down and out.  I’m glad photography saves me whenever I feel like my world of art is ending.

So today, I spent three hours straight taking pictures of the natural beauty around us.

1April2017_205ws.jpgChinese Bulbul

I’ve always been a lover of nature and am glad for their existence that brings joy and colors to both my life and creativity.  Lately, I’ve been shooting a lot of street and urban photography and sometimes even thought that I may have a hard time again training my eyes to to capture birds especially the tiny ones.

I’m glad that what I’ve learned by heart still remains and am able to still catch up to their agile nature.

1April2017_69ws.jpgJapanese White-Eye


Janet P.G.

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