Black & White Street Mobile Photography

I don’t know if I’m addicted to photography or I’m having compulsive disorder in photography.  I can’t help myself to take pictures wherever I go so I decided not to bring my camera with me but then the mobile camera technology is getting way much better these days.  It started when I went to shoot but forgotten my camera and so not to waste the day, I used my mobile camera.

Mobile phone camera is so handy and basically has become our daily necessity.  I shoot when I go for groceries, to see my doctor, to go to my daughter’s school, dog walks, to church, to meetings, to dinners, parties and many more.  I shoot when I’m in the bus or even just sitting in the park.

I got too many photos that I thought I needed to organized them from textures, flowers, insects to street photography and share it with you.

It made me smile because they were like my diary and it reminded me of places, people, friends, family gatherings and how beautiful life is.  Sometimes I thought I’m overwhelmed of the many things I do each day but what I see in my pictures are beautiful memories.  When I’m tired  I thought my life was too boring but the tons of pictures I took tells another story otherwise.  It tells that I live a wonderful, beautiful and meaningful life.

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