Identifying The Positive People In Your Life

There are three positive types of people in our lives;  people who will be there for your ups and downs, people who help you with your purpose, and people who help you win battles.


There are three kinds of people in our lives that I can sum up into two categories; the permanent and temporary resident in our lives.  There are people who came in our lives that we should learn who to keep and who to let go.

Permanent residents in our lives are the hardest to find. They’re the kind of people who cries with you, laugh with you and celebrate you with your success.  When things seems down and out they’re always there to give you ideas, inspirations and give honest criticism.  These are the people who are rooting for your success and your success and happiness become a part of their lives as well.  They never expect any money but being  a friend is simply enough.  They say if you have two or three  such people in your life , you are considered very lucky.  I’m glad to have two and I guess more that no matter what they’ll never break my heart and realizing that earlier makes me so happy.

But life is not perfect without the other two kinds of people.  Identifying these three positive kind of people in our lives is important in our success and journey.  In doing so we can avoid and lessen a bit the pain because some people who came into our lives are meant to leave us.

The second type of people, are people who mimics the first kind of people.  If you’re not careful you’ll fall in love with them but their agenda is never for you but only for your purpose.  Once their purpose is over they’re gone and moves to another person to whom they find a purpose.  Their agenda is about themselves and never about you and it’s just happens that what you do become their subject to their purpose.  In short they work with you with no strings attached.  It may seem like negative but for me they’re positive people who once came in your life and in whatever contribution, small or big they brought changes in your life.


The third person are people who will fight for you in battle and you will fall in love with them but like the second person, they are not working for you.  They are only there to fight the battle.    Their agenda and purpose is for a much bigger goal but never about you.  They too are positive people in our lives that we should not forget to cherish. The second and the third are temporary residents in our lives and from the beginning you should understand that one day they have to leave on their own choice of time and season.

Taken from Tuen Mun Pier, 2016

For years  I wasn’t able to identify which one is which and thought I wasn’t worthy enough for them.   I was confused why they left and had thought we had deeper connections.  I was wondering for so long why they seemed not to care for my struggles.


For so long I wanted to say something about it but I couldn’t grip of what was happening until recently.  It’s good to identify those people who come and go in our lives and now I can appreciate their existence and contribution.  I’m glad to keep those people who were meant to stay for good in my life and at the same take courage to let go people who walk out of my life with minimal heartaches.  It was a relief and I feel lighter and more focused towards my goal.



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